No matter the deadline or demand, our minds are always focused on safety. 

We take seriously our responsibility to foster a culture of safety through daily on-site safety meetings, human performance improvement training and safety stand-up events. Finding new ways to improve safety procedures and practices is an ever-present challenge for our management team and employees.

All of our employees are empowered to stop work if an unsafe practice or safety concern is identified. At the same time, we work hard to never allow safety and production to conflict with each other, and we pride ourselves on keeping our employees safe while keeping our projects on schedule.

Human ​Performance ​Improvement

Human ​Performance ​Improvement, or HPI, is changing the way our employees think about safety. Through HPI training, we work with enhanced situational awareness to be in the moment and be sure we clearly understand the conditions of the task at hand. Our employees are trained to have a questioning attitude in planning and prep stages as well as at the activity level to avoid assumptions.

Electrical Transmission & Distribution Strategic Partnership

MDU Construction Services Group was one of six original signatory contractors to join the national Electrical Transmission & Distribution Partnership. Today, more than a dozen companies collaborate with OSHA to reduce injuries and fatalities in the line construction industry.

ETD LogoMDU Construction Services Group actively participates in all ​three of the partnership’s task teams. The task teams focus on data analysis, training and communications with a common goal of industry safety. The partnership has developed industry-specific training courses and best practices to address the most common injury-producing situations, resulting in a significant reduction of lineman fatalities nationwide.